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Golf clubs & equipment

Online Golf (UK)
Great range of clubs, balls, clothing, bags, golf accessories, books & videos, PC software – Free delivery to mainland UK

Golf Online (UK)
Claims to be one of Europe’s largest online golf shops.   See for yourself – the range sold here is actually really impressive and this site is available in multiple languages.

FogDog Golf (USA)
Good range here – including golf balls, woods, irons, putters, wedges, bags, carts, footwear, gloves, apparel, headwear,golf gifts, accessories, practice equipment etc

GigaGolf (USA)
Great site for irons, woods, wedges, putters and golf gifts

Newitts (UK)
Golf balls and accessories, such as practice nets, bags, umbrellas, tees, flags, hole cutters and more

Golfballs (USA)
Boasting 1500 varieties of golf balls, this site focuses on golf balls the way Amazon does on books

Best Buy (USA)
Supplier of clone golf equipment. Custom built golf clubs made of the same materials as major name brands for lower prices. 30 day money back guarantee

Golf gifts – such as golf books, golf videos

Amazon (UK)
Massive range of golf books, as well as videos & games. Great golf gifts.

Sporting Gifts (UK)
Golf books, videos, DVDs, golf computer games, board games. Ideal golf gifts.

Golf memorabilia

Sporting Gifts (UK)
Golf gifts, prints, board games

Golfing holidays / vacations

Golf Breaks
Organisers of golfing holidays in UK & Europe

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